Private Classes



Plants Identification classes:


Plants Identification Classes  (2-3hrs)

Plants used for brewing (3hrs)

Plants used as Wild Aromatic and Spices (3hrs)

Exploring the use of barks, roots and leaves (culinary and medicinal) (2-3hrs)



Building Skills Classes:


Basic Fermentation (Sauerkraut / Kimchi types ferments)

Brewing Wild Beers (Forage + Brewing) (2 to 3hrs)

Advanced Wild Beers Brewing (Forage + Brewing) (3hrs)

Making Wild and Regular Sodas (2 to 3hrs)

Making and Canning Hot Sauces (3hrs)

Fermented Hot Sauces with Wild Plants (3hrs)

Pickling/Preserving Food in Vinegar (Water bath canning) (3hrs)

Making Your Own Vinegars (2hrs)

Infusing Vinegars and Shrubs (drink)  (2hrs)

Wild Infusions (mountains, forest, chaparral) (2hrs)

Infused Salts and Sugars (2hrs)




Other interesting possible classes:


Ancient methods of making wines using wild berries and fruits

Herbal meads

Solar cooking

"Viking/Celtic" beer using plants and hot stones

Cooking in clay

Sourdough making and harvesting local bacteria

Making your own butter and compound butters with plants

Introduction to Entomophagy and cooking insects.

Harvesting wild yeast and making yeast starters

Making bitters (Mixology)



Modern food preservation techniques


Water bath canning

Pressure canning






Speaking, Teaching and Private Classes


If you are not able to attend some of my workshops during the year or wish to learn specific skills, we can always arrange a private class. Just email me.


The cost for private classes is as follow:


Plants identification classes, brewing ingredients and wild aromatic/spices


One person $50/hr

2 to 6 students $30/hr (per person)

Large groups (6 to 20): $20/hr (per person)


There may be some travel cost if I have to go to a location of your choosing.


Building Skills Classes (Fermentation, Wild Beers, Vinegar Making, etc...)


One person $50/hr

2 to 6 students $30/hr (per person)

Large groups (6 to 20): $20/hr (per person)


There may be some travel cost if I have to go to a location of your choosing





I'm also available for teaching and public speaking about the various subjects I teach about (fermentation, primitive beers, wildcrafting and so on). Contact me so we can discuss possibilities/pricing.


Past academic clients includes: UCLA, Huntington Museum, Fullerton Arboretum, Sterling College Vermont, CalTech, Santa Monica College, Sierra Club of California and many others.



Contact me





Feeling adventurous about true local flavors?


Get ready to experience a totally new cuisine, drink ancestral brews, explore the fascinating world of fermentation using unusual ingredients, traditional food preservation techniques applied to local sea food or game meat and even the possibility of a few edible insects...


I've done 6 to 10 courses tasting menu, mostly at my location - private property in the Angeles Forest but I can also do it in a more formal setting.


Small groups only - 2 to 10 people. Perfect for birthday or a special foodie event.


Contact me to discuss a pricing/menu