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A new upcoming workshop (check the schedule) - fermented and aged vegan cheeses made with local wild edibles plants and nuts or store bought- Acorn, walnuts, pine nuts, cashews, etc....

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Forest Walk - Edible and Medicinal plants - possibly mushrooms

Saturday 27 January


Wild Beers Workshop + Plants Walk

Sunday 28 January


Wild Food Tasting and Plants Walk

(limited to 15 people)

Saturday February 3


Local Hills - Edible and Medicinal plants

Drinks, Wild Snacks and Foraged Salad

Sunday February 4


Chaparral Plants Walk.

Sunday February 11


Wild plants-based burgers and salads  + Plants Walk

(Vegetarian and Vegan).

Sunday February 18



Wild Cheeses Workshop (No Dairy - Vegan) + Plants Walk

Fermented / Aged Plants and Nuts-Based Hard Cheeses

Sunday February 25



Latest News

January/February/March 2018 schedule is being updated! (check daily)


We have incredible new classes and workshops for 2018 including making plants/nuts-based hamburgers, fermented and aged vegan cheeses, vegetarian soft cheese spreads and pâtés, lots of exciting plants walks. wild beers, Food Tasting and much more!  Check the schedule.





Let's go back in time and rediscover the lost flavors of ancestral brews and how to make delicious fermented drinks using local ingredients. This book is applicable anywhere in the world and I even traveled to Europe to do some of my research.



Primitive beers, country wines, herbal meads, natural sodas, and more


The art of brewing doesn’t stop at the usual ingredients: barley, hops, yeast, and water. In fact, the origins of brewing involve a whole galaxy of wild and cultivated plants, fruits, berries, and other natural materials, which were once used to make a whole spectrum of creative, fermented drinks.


Now fermentation fans and home brewers can rediscover these “primitive” drinks and their unique flavors in The Wildcrafting Brewer. Wild-plant expert and forager Pascal Baudar’s first book, The New Wildcrafted Cuisine, opened up a whole new world of possibilities for readers wishing to explore and capture the flavors of their local terroir. The Wildcrafting Brewer does the same for fermented drinks. Baudar reveals both the underlying philosophy and the practical techniques for making your own delicious concoctions, from simple wild sodas, to non-grape-based “country wines,” to primitive herbal beers, meads, and traditional ethnic ferments like tiswin and kvass.


The book opens with a retrospective of plant-based brewing and ancient beers. The author then goes on to describe both hot and cold brewing methods and provides lots of interesting recipes; mugwort beer, horehound beer, and manzanita cider are just a few of the many drinks represented. Baudar is quick to point out that these recipes serve mainly as a touchstone for readers, who can then use the information and techniques he provides to create their own brews, using their own local ingredients.


The Wildcrafting Brewer will attract herbalists, foragers, natural-foodies, and chefs alike with the author’s playful and relaxed philosophy. Readers will find themselves surprised by how easy making your own natural drinks can be, and will be inspired, again, by the abundance of nature all around them.