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Wild Cheeses!!! Acorns, pinyon pine nuts, black walnuts, cashew and almonds. Lots of wild edibles for flavoring. My collection of fermented wild cheeses made from nuts aging in the fridge. Some will be aged for 3 weeks and some for 3 months (or more). Some of them are already close to a month old.


Those are not "mild cheeses" and some are more akin to some stinky (but delicious) European cheeses while others have some sour notes which are not always related to regular cheeses (though some goat cheeses can be quite sour), Through aging and the magic of fermentation, they become their own thing with truly unique flavors. For example, the fermented miso cheese has hints of chocolate about 2 weeks. The fermented hot sauce cheese tasted like a spicy cheddar after 2 weeks, you could NOT tell it wasn't made from milk.


So there are still a lot of experiments and tweaking to do but I'm super happy so far and it's an extremely exciting culinary territory to explore, mostly with wild foods and ferments.


I use different methods, sometime they are simply placed into the fridge to age and dehydrate or I place them in my dehydrator at low temperature (60 to 70 degrees) for a day or two so they solidify first. Leaving in Southern California, I don't age them outside the fridge due to the more extreme fluctuations of temperature outside or in my apartment. When dehydrating, I use my air conditioner to monitor the inside temperature during the day.


Fermented Wild Cheeses

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