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Pascal Baudar, creating gourmet dishes with local wild plants. Acorn Hummus

Acorn Hummus


Breakfast this morning.


The recipe is really not complex, it's basically a standard hummus done with chickpeas and tahini, you can find an excellent basic recipe HERE. The only little culinary twist is to add around 10% of acorn flour for a nutty taste.


The fun  and added local flavors are really in the various ingredients used as toppings:


Pinyon pine nuts

Black nightshade berries (ripe berries ARE edible)

Pequin peppers

Fermented feral olives


Thai chili peppers

Mealworms (my own farm)


Habanero infused salt.

Homemade olive oil

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Pascal Baudar, Cooking wild edibles, sustainable wild food. fermentation Los Angeles