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SCHEDULE FOR  April 2015 is updated

My Blog is on hold for now...writing book.




Annual Wild Food Dinner - April 18th


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Join us for this one of a kind culinary event. Nature is all about transformation. How could something so tender and sweet be inside all those thorns? That's what our sensory dinner is all about. Food, people, transformation.

April 18th. RSVP ‪‬

I'm currently writing a book about foraging, preserving and preparing wild edibles and aromatic plants.


Over 400 pages with more than 1000 photos.


Published in Fall this year.


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APRIL 2015


Saturday 4/4/15   - Plants identification walk - Lake walk


Sunday 4/5 - Plant walk - medicinal and Aromatic plants.


Saturday - March 4/11 - Mountain walk - Medicinal and Edible plants


Sunday - March 4/12 - Wild Beer Workshop (How to make beer with foraged ingredients)










Check this cool video about wild food foraging. Visit the BUZZ for more media.