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A new upcoming workshop (check the schedule) - fermented and aged vegan cheeses made with local wild edibles plants and nuts or store bought- Acorn, walnuts, pine nuts, cashews, etc....

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Mushrooms and Plants Walk + Wild Snacks/Drinks

Saturday December 29


Wild Food Pop-up - Gourmet wild food, drinks and plants walk

Discover True Local Flavors!

Saturday January 5


Mushrooms (Medicinal/Edible), Plants Walk + Wild Snacks/Drinks

Sunday January 6  *AFTERNOON WALK


And more...see schedule.







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December and January schedule is being updated!


We have incredible new classes and workshops for 2018 including making plants/nuts-based hamburgers, fermented and aged vegan cheeses, vegetarian soft cheese spreads and pâtés, lots of exciting plants walks. wild beers, Food Tasting and much more!  Check the schedule.




Wild Cheeses Workshop (Indoor)

(No Dairy - Vegan - Limited to 15 people)

Fermented / Aged Plants and Nuts-Based Hard Cheeses

Saturday December 15


Nettles and Acorn cheese anyone? We're going nuts! Literally! Let's explore even deeper the culinary possibilities of our local terroir by making some fermented cheeses with local aromatic plants, nuts and unusual ingredients like ashes, homemade salt from sea water and much more!

Don't worry though, you can make those cheeses too with ingredients found in most supermarkets (Whole Food, Ralph, etc...).


Vegetarian and vegan nuts-based cheeses have come a long way in the last couple of years, the secret was really to use similar techniques to making dairy milks, including fermentation. I spent many months studying and experimenting with making delicious vegan cheeses by fermenting local nuts and plants, we're talking local walnuts, acorns, wild aromatic herbs, ashes and so on..., but also using regular store-bought ingredients. In this workshop, I will share my experience and techniques.


The amount of creativity possible and flavors are truly limitless, some of these cheeses can be aged for weeks or even months. Depending on the recipe, some will taste quite similar to some aged dairy-based French cheeses (stinky a bit) or more mild with cheddar-like qualities.


It's an unusual and truly unique workshop, not available anywhere else and well worth attending if you are into unique wild food or vegan/vegetarian cheeses.


During this workshop, I will take you through the process of making the cheese from scratch. I'll explain which ingredients can be used, how to ferment the cheeses, different techniques for aging them and much more.


Of course, we'll have some tasting too! We'll try a couple (maybe more) of different cheeses using wild or store-bought nuts. We can't have cheese without drinks so I'll bring fermented drinks as well (herbal meads, sodas, etc...)



Wild Terra

5858 N Figueroa St

Los Angeles, CA 90042

Time: From 1pm to around 4pm