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Yummy acorn and chickpea hummus, pinyon pine nuts, black nightshade berries, crickets, wild mint, mealworms from my insect farm, Thai chiili peppers and pequin chili peppers.

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Saturday August 12 –  Natural Fermented Sodas Making and Plants Walk


Sunday August 13 – Plants Walk - Forest


Wednesday August 16  –  Evening Walk

Edible/Medicinal plants and Animals Walk


Saturday August 19 – Plants Walk - Chaparral


Sunday August 20 –  WORKSHOP - Pickling / Preserving food in Vinegar






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   Primitive & Country Wines

Prickly pear, elderberries, dandelion, plums, cherries, wild berries and so much more. Since the dawn of time, people have explored their local flavors through the creation of simple alcoholic beverages.


During the workshop we'll go through the steps of making a couple of country wines, one using local fruits (prickly pears) and another one using some store-bought berries or ingredients. We'll look at basic traditional recipes, how to monitor the process, how to use wild yeast or commercial yeast and so on...


Saturday September 2 - Check the schedule for more information