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Fermented hot sauce using locally foraged ingredients - Dandelion, watercress, prickly pears, dock, purslane and manzanita berries.  Organic habaneros, a few Thai peppers and smoked chili morita. The heat will go down considerably during the fermentation.

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Saturday October 14

Harvesting, Making Prickly Pear Wine and Healthy Drinks Workshop


Sunday October 15

Forest Walk


Sunday October 22

Natural Fermented Sodas Making and Plants Walk


Saturday October 28

Plants Walk - Water Stream


Sunday October 29

Plants, Mushrooms, Trees and Fairies!

Halloween Special - The Witches and Wizards Gathering

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Sunday October 29

Plants, Mushrooms, Trees and Fairies!

Halloween Special - The Witches and Wizards Gathering


Plant Walks - Halloween Food - Wild Beers and Elixirs!


Let's celebrate the spirits of nature and the harvest as Winter approaches. The origin of Halloween can be found in old pagan celebrations such as the Gaelic and Celtic Samhain but this time of the year has also been celebrated by many cultures in various parts of the world. For us, nature lovers, it's a way to celebrate the bounty she has offered us during the year and give thanks to the plants and animal spirits.


So come join us to honor the gifts and spirituality of our natural world, discover the many medicinal/culinary uses of the local flora, the long forgotten stories and lores of plants, trees, mushrooms and animals.


We start the day at 10:30 AM.


During the first part of the day, Pascal Baudar - food wizard and culinary shaman, will take you on a plant/mushrooms walk and explain some of the medicinal and culinary uses of local plants but, for this special day, Pascal will also share some of his knowledge of old world folklore, beliefs and spiritual practices associated with them. The walk is a bit more than an hour with lots of stops to talk about the plants.


After the walk, Pascal will take you into an a culinary adventure of the underworld of food with delicious scary small dishes featuring mushrooms, insects and possibly frogs and snails. For the sightly less adventurous, we'll have some fermented delicacies and sauces so hot that we suspect the devil himself made them in hell's kitchen.


Of course, thanks to the Mugwort goddess, we'll have some vivid dreams inducing wild forest beer tasting which, per Pascal, will guarantee a two-way trip to Valhalla that very same night (just a friendly visit to the banquet).


Using his sacred cauldron, Pascal will also demonstrate how to create his favorite witches' brew using forest ingredients such as medicinal mushrooms, barks, leaves and devilishly aromatic herbs.


During the event, local surrealist shamanic artist Mauricio G Fermentos Germinados will display his wildcrafted art and medicine. Mauricio brings a truly unique shamanic dimension and vision in his interaction with nature. Through his talented mind and hands, nature is transformed into a treasure trove. Rocks, feathers, branches, roots, fibers, mushrooms and herbs become works of art and sacred objects on their own.


Stop by his table and enter Mauricio's world.  You'll be able to admire his work: Full Moon consecrated Wands, magic roots-feather talismans, fairies crucifixes, ginger and wild roots bug fermenting starters kits, healing seeds balls, medicine mushrooms tinctures. and possibly Sacred Fermented Brews.


At around 1PM, join herbalist and local vegan culinary witch Jess Starwood for an hour long walk to explore the magical and medicinal virtues of the local plants as you wander through the forest. Following the excursion, you will brew your own herbal aphrodisiac elixir to take home.


At the end of class, we will enjoy some of Jess's decadent desserts featuring some unusual ingredients such as a wild wolfberry pie and mushroom and herb infused raw chocolates.


So grab your hat and your broomstick, fly safe and pay us a visit!


Bring water, sun protection - long sleeve and pants are advised (we have some yummy poison oak in the area)


See the SCHEDULE PAGE for location and sign-up