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Fermented hot sauce using locally foraged ingredients - Dandelion, watercress, prickly pears, dock, purslane and manzanita berries.  Organic habaneros, a few Thai peppers and smoked chili morita. The heat will go down considerably during the fermentation.

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Saturday September 23

Wild Food Tasting and Plant Walk - (Limited to 15 attendants)


Sunday September 24

Plants Walk - Chaparral


Sunday October 1st

Plant Walk and Wild Beers Workshop (how to make beer with wild plants)


Saturday October 7 - Forest Walk


Sunday October 8

Home-made vinegar and gourmet culinary uses


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Homemade Vinegar Workshop

Home-made vinegar infused with mountains ingredients.

Sunday October 8

Home-made vinegar and gourmet culinary uses

Learn how to make your own vinegars at home and how to use them to create delicious infusions, sauces, condiments and even drinks!


Author and culinary researcher Pascal Baudar has worked with some of the best chefs in North America and will share with you some of his techniques to create gourmet vinegars at home using wines, beers and other alcoholic beverages.


But be warned! It’s a dangerous workshop because once you’re doing your own, you can’t go back to purchasing vinegars at the store, the flavors just can’t compare. Pascal will even show you how to infuse berries or fruits to make terrific infused vinegars and some tips on other culinary uses such as sauces or mustard-type condiments.


We’ll go even further and Pascal will demonstrate how to make a delicious vinegar-based drink with locally foraged ingredients from the local mountains, some people compare it to a fine champagne. You can use the same technique to make your own delicious drinks using local berries or aromatic plants from your garden (or purchased at your favorite store).


As you can expect from Pascal’s workshops, we’ll have some tasting and enjoy some interesting vinegar-based drinks and even a wild infusion.


And a final bonus! Each participant will leave with a vinegar starter (mother vinegar) so they can get started right away with their acidic creations!


Sign up today and find out why L.A. magazine think Pascal has some of the innovative culinary classes in Los Angeles. It’s not only educational but it’s super fun and entertaining.


Instructor: Pascal Baudar

Cost: $45/member; $50/non-member

Where: Bacon Pavilion Classroom


Fullerton Arboretum

1900 Associated Rd.

Fullerton, CA 92831



Sign up from their web site at: www.fullertonarboretum.com